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As the second fastest-growing city in Colorado continues to expand, it needs a premier Colorado Springs digital marketing agency. THAT’s where we come in–THAT Agency. We’re a full-service digital marketing agency with just shy of twenty years in the business. Think about that: we’ve been in this complicated relationship with the internet since back in the early days. And we’re here to help your business match pace with the growth of Colorado Springs in El Paso County, CO.

Afte all, it’s no surprise that this area has become one of the most sought-after destinations in the state. With all that it has to offer naturally, aesthetically, and life-stylistically, the word is only going to continue to spread. Not since gold was first discovered in Pike’s Peak has there been a business boom like we’ve seen over the past year. So for a digital marketing agency, Colorado Springs is the perfect place to be. If you are looking to grow your business organically, the right way, then you need the premier, most trusted, agency. Read on to see what we have to offer, and how it can apply to your business.

Alright, so what does digital marketing mean to us, and what does it mean for your business? It means positioning your website in such a way as to make it easy for your prospective clients to find your business when they search for things related to what you have to offer. We want them to find you faster, easier, and before they stumble onto your competitors’ websites. This is no small task, especially if your website doesn’t have much authority. And no worries if you don’t know what we mean when we talk about web authority, we’ll guide you through all of the various aspects that build site strength.

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Building site strength organically is gradual, since search engine optimization and content creation are compounding in nature. But that’s our main purpose here: to help you produce and optimize the most strategic content. The right digital marketing package is all about balance. You might have some things that you want to focus on, and we might have some ideas that would perfectly complement your strategies. We’ll go through the major components of a classically successful digital marketing package below.

We understand everyone works differently, so if you’re an activator, and you’re already ready to jump on the phone and talk through ideas with some of our digital marketing experts while it’s all fresh in your mind, then feel free to contact us right now!

If you are more of an analyzer and want some more information before hopping on a call, then keep reading.

Alright, here’s our modus operandi: everything we do for our clients is with the end goal of driving more traffic to your website. But, while millions of clicks are nice, you don’t just want any random web surfer to visit your site, you want people in your niche, your target customer, the people who fit your buyer personas. Yes, we are a creative agency in that we have designers, writers, photographers, a video studio–the works; but we focus on ROI. We utilize statistics, implement tracking methods, and measure Key Performance Indicators.

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Colorado Internet Marketing Company

You want to know where all of your traffic is coming from, and why they are, or aren’t, converting. You want to know what’s working and why, and what could be tweaked or repurposed altogether. So, as promised, here are the ways we go about building your site’s strength:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

No worries if all you know about Search Engine Optimization is that people call it SEO. Like most complicated things, it doesn’t take much to know what it is, but it takes a whole lot to understand it well enough to put it to good use. That’s how we’ve been able to make a business as Colorado Springs SEO consultants.

There are many aspects of SEO. At its core, it means focussing on building the strength of your website in the eyes of search engines like Google by increasing your domain and page authority. Authority, in this case, basically means the ‘score’ your website is given by the search engines. Sites with a higher score are more likely to show up on the first page of results for a given query. Most new sites and small businesses have low scores. Our goal, regardless of where you start, is to increase your score.

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Through tactics like link building, content optimization, keyword analysis, and much more, we try to get the search engines to recognize that you are an authority in your industry, and definitely within your industry in Colorado Springs. When search engines like Google see your website as more of an authority in your field, especially in the Colorado Springs area, then their algorithms will send more people your way when it comes to searches that relate to your products or services. It’s Google’s job to help their searchers find the best results for their query. But it is our job, as a prominent digital marketing agency, to show Google that your site, and business, are of high quality.

Content Creation

Websites with very little text, imagery, videos, etc are an issue. Websites that look small, are often treated that way by search engines. So, how do you give a small site authority? By building out content. But it has to be GOOD content. Common tried-and-true tactics are: blogging, creating service pages, implementing photography/videography, creating and maintaining social media channels (when appropriate), and more.

We have people for all of the above. We have social media managers, social media specialists, writers, editors, SEO consultants, designers, and digital marketing specialists. Every internet marketing agency of substance needs to have a full quiver of internet marketing arrows. Our writers can consistently create content for your website that will play nicely with the search engine algorithms. Our social media experts turn engagement into page visits. We can do it all.

When it comes to building your site’s strength, you need to put yourself out there. You need to be spreading the word, and then make sure it is finding its way in front of the eyes of the right people. This will create an organic, sustainable flow of site visits that lead to conversions. We truly believe in inbound marketing.

Looking to Supplement with Paid Digital Advertising?

We can do that, too! While digital marketing, to us, means baiting the hook; paid digital advertising means chumming the waters. Most people have an idea of what advertising is because ads seem to run the world. We are consistently inundated with advertising every single day. And since the dawn of advertising, people have been trying to get their ads in front of “the right people”. But never has that been more possible than with ads on search engines and social media.

Advertising Agency Colorado

The kind of digital advertising that we help our clients with uses the most trackable, measurable, strategic methods possible. If you want to pay to push your site to the top of a Google results page for a search including a specific keyword or phrase, then we can do that for you. Digital advertising is usually pay-per-click, so you want to make sure that your site’s content is good enough to make that potential customer take the desired action. Whether that be scheduling a call, or buying a product. Then, once someone clicks on your website, they want to see professional-grade content laid out in an easy-to-use way that is pleasing to look at. That’s where web design comes in.

Colorado Springs Website Design

The two major components of web design are, of course, looks and functionality. But it’s more than that. Your site needs to strike the perfect balance. It needs to be aesthetically pleasing, and easy for customers to find what they are looking for. Regardless of how they came to land on any given page of yours, your site needs to flow your customer smoothly toward your most relevant product/service page, and make them want to engage.

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What does digital marketing mean?

A digital marketing strategy is one that builds your website’s reputation in terms of the search engine algorithms. Digital marketing solutions are ones that place your site in the first few pages of search engine results for queries related to what you have to sell/offer. The best digital marketing strategy for your business is the one that understands your company and your message and finds the most effective ways to spread that message.

What are the most effective digital marketing channels?

As we listed above, the best way to go about building your site’s strength is through Search Engine Optimization and content creation. Everyone’s individual strategy is going to be different. Putting a lot of effort into a blog might be the right way to go for some. For others, creating social media channels and staying extremely active is the most effective. Other industries can do great things with a good email marketing campaign. Overall, the best digital marketing strategies for you will be a combination of some of the above, all while prioritizing strategic optimization.

How much does digital marketing cost?

Each monthly retainer is different. And we operate on a monthly retainer because, to get the most out of organic growth, it takes time to build a base and then compound on it. If you want a quick boost in sales, then we will suggest you run a short Pay-Per-Click campaign. If you want long-term sustainable growth, then you want to work consistently with a digital marketing agency.

Why is digital marketing important for small businesses?

It’s simple: unless you devote consistent money to advertising, or have a large referral network, then in order to grow your business, you need to be attracting more people via search engines. The best way to create an evergreen strategy is to always be building on your site. Many small businesses don’t have the staff or resources to manage everything that needs to get done in-house. A digital marketing agency like ours has all of the years of experience and tools in our toolbox to take care of everything for you.

THAT Client Digital Marketing Reviews

I have been working with THAT Agency for 3 years now and they have been amazing. Although my website has been up and running for much longer it was only when I started working with Bill's team that I started to get some traction. Clients go out of their way to tell me how professional my site looks and how easy it is to navigate. Highly recommend!

Karen Rosengart - K. Rosengart

According to Wards 500 magazine, Braman Motorcars is the 3rd most successful dealership of 18,000 locations nationally and we dominate the most competitive market in the world; South Florida for Bentley, BMW, MINI, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Do I have your attention now? Being responsible for the continued success and development of the Advertising and Marketing for the dealerships requires forward strategies that outpace the competition in all media formats. For our strategic online success, we utilize That Agency exclusively to win continuously on a daily, monthly and annual basis. We have been with them for a number of years now and consider their size and competence of their people as an asset to our success. I highly recommend Bill, Michelle and the team at That Agency for solid results and out-of-box thinking to not only beat the competition, but to devastate and dominate it.

Daniel Bayard - Braman Motorcars

This experience has been the best reason to shift from full-time design staff to an outside firm. Your team has been timely, accurate and detail-oriented in every project we give them. Not only have they been there whenever we need them, but the work has been vital to our brand identity.

Ashish Sanghrajka - Big Five Tours and Expeditions

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If you’re a Colorado Springs Co., and you want an agency that knows how to make your website more discoverable, appealing, relevant, and powerful, then schedule a call with our digital marketing experts. As far as locales go, for a digital marketing agency Colorado Springs is a terrific place to help grow businesses. There is no greater success for us than to see our clients go on to become a leader in their industry, and we sincerely want that for you. The great thing about doing what we do is that when our clients win, we win.

Digital Marketing Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of our awesome work, and see for yourself. Our digital marketing case studies span multiple industries and utilize numerous tactics. No single marketing strategy is the same, and we custom-tailer our digital marketing plans for each of our clients.

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Best Practices for Digital Marketing in 2022: FREE Guide

The online world is a constantly moving ocean of information. We’ve put together this Digital Marketing Guide to use as a baseline modus operandi in the upcoming year. Even though it is a relatively in-depth look at the future of Digital Marketing, it still really only scratches the surface. We are continuously adapting and preparing for updates and innovations.