West Palm Beach is a beautiful place to do a variety of things. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, and business is booming. Well, some businesses are booming–the ones who are easily discoverable. Others are being left behind because they aren’t utilizing all of their resources properly. We believe in–and can demonstrate–the power of content marketing.

Especially online B2B content marketing. While billboards and radio ads still have their places in the modern world (although chiefly for B2C companies) everything is moving online. The last couple of years have highlighted that for us. For B2B companies operating in the West Palm Beach area, the primary contact with a potential customer now almost always starts with a Google search.

If you are a B2B company in the West Palm Beach area, the good news is: other companies are searching for what you have to offer. But how easily are you being found? What kind of content are you producing that would ensure your visibility to those potential customers?

A B2B content marketing agency specializes in helping people find your company. For those who don’t have a large in-house marketing staff, content marketing agencies have become more crucial than ever before.

The voice of your company, conveyed by your content marketing, is the first thing that a potential customer will associate with your brand. Even more so in the world of B2B. This voice will remain with your customers throughout the duration of their experience with your company. What will they associate your brand with? How do you want them to think of you? Defining your company’s voice can be difficult.

Consistently conveying your message accurately in that same voice is even more so. The message you are trying to get across through your content marketing needs to be as clear and concise as it is vibrant and stirring.

How your content is written, how often it’s produced, and how it appears in online searches all affect the quantity and quality of potential customers you are attracting. For the web, that means leveraging Search Engine Optimization (SEO) tactics to ensure that your site is being seen and your message is being heard.

There is a delicate balance between appeasing the search engine algorithms and speaking in a coherent and compelling manner to potential customers. THAT Agency specializes in helping West Palm Beach B2B companies create content and reach more potential customers. Our services find the right balance in order to reliably deliver timely and relevant messages.

West Palm Beach SEO Content Writing Services

The SEO techniques applied as part of THAT Agency’s web content writing services focus on the delicate mix of optimal (and brand-relevant) keywords and engaging copy. By weaving carefully researched and selected keywords throughout your message, our highly skilled content marketing professionals can leverage your positioning across the major search engines. More than ninety percent of online searches are done on Google now, and our team knows how to make your site play nice with Google.

We find the sweet spot where what is written and how it’s written intersect. When artfully and professionally implemented into your website, well-written content will not only positively influence your Search Engine Results Page (SERP) rankings, but also improve your customers’ experience with your brand. All of the best businesses have an edge over their competitors, and in the eyes of the searching customer, that edge can often be how clear the companies’ messages come across.

If you believe in your products or services but can’t accurately communicate with the searching customer, then they’re not going to get that same sense of belief, and they’re going to go with your competitor. We can help you with that.

As West Palm Beach’s premier B2B content marketing agency, we create clean, energetic, and conversational SEO copy for:

  • On-site content – for both body copy and interface design
  • Press releases – often a significant source of material for websites, online publications, and social media
  • Blogs and web editorials
  • Advertising and branding applications on and off the web

Content Marketing to Ignite Your Sales Funnel

Whether the leads in your sales funnel are meagerly flowing or barely trickling, our creative writers specialize in finding the spark to light the fire. No business has ever wanted fewer, less qualified leads, and the strategic key to increasing the flow could just be better, smarter, innovative content marketing. We believe that it is.

Not only to attract more potential customers but to attract the kind of customers that you really want. THAT Agency’s content marketing services are fueled by a team of creative minds with a knack for words and images. We have experience writing for a number of industries and can provide the right solutions for your online editorial publications. On top of that, we also produce video content with visual impact and the right marketing implications.

Our team of content marketing professionals has the experience, the passion for the craft, the eye for design, and the extensive lexicon to ensure our clients’ pages are filled with bright language, lush descriptions, and captivating imagery.

Error-Free Copyediting for a Polished Finish

This is an immediate red flag, and all of your potential customers know it. Typographical errors and careless grammar have the potential to detract from an otherwise powerful message. It doesn’t matter how great of a company you think you have, what your mission statement is, what your vision is, how many good reviews you have; if your web content is riddled with mistakes, then you are losing potential customers.

THAT Agency’s copywriting services include proofreading and copyediting your content marketing campaigns to ensure your presence on the web (and on paper) is clean, clear, and professional. It’s a pet peeve of ours. It makes us cringe, and feel sorry for all of the wasted potential. That’s why we don’t let it happen to our customers. You shouldn’t either.

West Palm Beach sure is beautiful, and with THAT Agency’s content marketing and SEO content writing services, we’re making the local online space just a little more beautiful as well. The fact that we help drive business and organically increase sales too is just the cherry on top. You don’t have to sacrifice your message to get great results.

We can help people find you on Google (and in all of the other SERPs too). With diverse credentials ranging from traditional print to modern SEO, our expert content marketing team has the expertise you can expect from an industry-leading digital marketing firm. Contact us today to learn more!

Frequent Content Marketing Questions

What do content marketers do?

Drive traffic to your website and help build your brand. We create content that delivers value to your customers or potential future customers. We are also responsible for measuring the progress and outcomes.

Why do I need content marketing?

It is the best way to answer all of your customers’ questions. When customers can easily find what they are looking for by doing a quick search and then poking around your website, they are more likely to be willing to give you their business.

Are there any disadvantages of content marketing?

If you are looking for immediate or overnight results, then paid advertising is more likely to deliver that in the short term. However, if you are looking to organically and grow and sustain your traffic over the long term, then good content marketing will deliver.

What is the difference between B2C content marketing and B2B?

In general, when generating content for a B2C business, you are targeting individuals in one or more target markets. But, in B2B content marketing, the goal is to reach the key decision-maker at companies in your target market.

How much should I budget for content marketing?

The typical recommendation is around 25-30% of your marketing budget. Every company is different, but this is a good anchor.

What is the main reason companies opt for hiring a marketing agency?

If you don’t have the resources to effectively do it in-house. The most common resources are time and personnel.

Client Reviews

Our company KRosengart retained THAT Agency over fours years ago to take our business to the next level. They use conversion optimization practice throughout our web design, and we now have new customers converting at a higher pace year over year. THAT Agency manages all aspects of our digital marketing, and we are happy to consider them a partner. We also love visiting them in West Palm Beach, FL for our bi-yearly review.read more
BJ Palmer
BJ Palmer
14:57 07 Nov 18
We have worked with THAT Agency for over 9 years. They have built three websites for us over the years. Each time they walk us through the process and use a very thourough systematic approach to ensure our project comes out how we had planned it too. We are excited to get started with the socila media aspects of the business as well. Very good at lead generation. THAT Agency is located in West Palm Beach, FL and we are in NJ but this has not been an issue. We love their Web Design work.read more
Ricky Levant
Ricky Levant
15:21 01 Nov 18
Knowledgeable Digital Marketing Agency that goes above and beyond for clients. As HubSpot certified partners, all efforts are rooted in Inbound marketing strategies and education for cohesive marketing & sales plans.read more
Jordan K
Jordan K
12:00 05 Jul 18
Many years ago we set out to find an agency to help us manage our social presence, content strategy, web design initiatives and more. I am very thankful that we found and partnered with THAT Agency. They have played a critical role in our success. Bill and the team are always there when we need them and consistently provide high quality work and results.read more
David Green
David Green
21:10 02 Oct 17
Excellent team that goes over and above for every client. ROI focused and obsess with results!
Nathan Mendenhall
Nathan Mendenhall
20:42 25 Aug 17
There was an idea and two sisters trying to explain what they want. It was amazing the way That Agency really absorbed our explanation and really designed our idea. THAT Agency built our website with professionalism, knowledge and some sense of humor. Great team… Great listeners.read more
Paula Dumont
Paula Dumont
03:32 30 Aug 12
Frankly speaking, THAT Agency is the reason our business is in the incredible position we find ourselves in. I constantly receive compliments about our website, all thanks to Michelle, Bill, and their entire team's efforts. This lends immediate credibility to us before we even enter the meeting room. They also do a superb job with SEO, creating more traffic than I ever thought we'd attract. They basically create our blogs, taking the information I have given them in the past and not just parroting it, but learning about our industry and building from there. Our social media outreach has been great and they even helped me create hard copy brochures and pamphlets. THAT Agency has pretty much become an extension of our company, what a true marketing department strives to be.read more
Jeremy Lewin
Jeremy Lewin
17:33 05 Mar 20
I've had the pleasure of working with THAT Agency over the past 7 years on various projects. The team goes out of their way to understand my needs and go above and beyond in getting the desired results. Highly recommended.read more
Edel Laura Herlong
Edel Laura Herlong
19:20 05 Mar 20
THAT Agency is THE Agency for all of your Marketing needs inclusive of Website Development, SEO, Paid Social Media Ads and much more. If you are a professional that understands you need to spend money to make money and are interested in a valuable investment in marketing, THAT Agency is YOUR Agencyread more
arif boysan
arif boysan
04:11 06 Mar 20
We needed a website for our new law firm to be completed within two weeks. THAT agency not only met the deadline but delivered an astonishing website that rivals that of many prestigious law firms. They were incredibly professional and were available anytime. I would strongly recommend THAT agency for any business that wants to generate a strong online presence!read more
Miguel Aristizabal
Miguel Aristizabal
15:28 24 Apr 20
I have been working with that Agency for years and my business continues to flourish! I There team continues to build programs to fit our specific needs. They provide a variety services like social media, blogging and website updates. My dedicated account manager has brought us enormous results and I cant recommend them enough.read more
Karen Rosengart
Karen Rosengart
14:06 07 May 21
Everyone at THAT Agency is very dedicated and good at what they do. On top of that they are patient in explaining to me the things that I as business owner know very little about when it comes to digital marketing. Thank you!read more
Ryan Smollar
Ryan Smollar
15:55 07 May 21
Bill and is team are extraordinarily knowledgeable and are a pleasure to work with. They provided cost effective suggestions for lead generation and were there for us through the entire process.
Chris Losquadro
Chris Losquadro
18:10 07 May 21
I view THAT AGENCY as Creative Strategists in a very cluttered field.They have made sure that my clients at Iconoclast Brand Marketing & Entertainment are not simply part of the conversation but are leading the conversation. It's not simply about how solid your creative is, more importantly ... how it's executed to generate activity, conversation, action and sales. This is the element they excel in .... I ran CBS Branded Entertainment Digital marketing for many years, I wish I knew of THAT AGENCY back then, I would have acquired them.read more
greg bennett
greg bennett
19:31 10 May 21
Just a phenomenal marketing company. Creative, responsive, and gets the results you need to grow your business.
Admin BTMediation
Admin BTMediation
13:45 12 May 21

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