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The message conveyed by copywriting is the first voice a potential customer will associate with your company or brand. This voice will remain with them through the duration of their experience with your brand. It should be as clear and concise as it is vibrant and stirring.

Our creative web copywriting services include:

SEO Copywriting

Our search engine optimization services, offered within the web copywriting package, focus on the precise fusion of brand-relevant keywords and engaging copy. By weaving carefully researched and selected keywords throughout your message, we can leverage your positioning across the major search engines. When artfully and professionally implemented into your site, well-written copy will not only positively influence your search engine rank page (SERP) rankings but also improve consumer experience with your brand.

We create clean and energetic SEO copy for:

  • On-site content – for both body copy and interface design.
  • Press releases – often a significant source of material for websites, newspapers, radio stations, and other media
  • Blogs and web editorials
  • Advertising and branding applications on and off the web

Web Copywriting

Smart, innovative copywriting— THAT Agency’s web copywriting services are fueled by a team of creative minds with a knack for words. We provide solutions for online editorial publication and have experience writing for a number of industries.

Our team of website content writers has experience, a passion for the craft, and an extensive lexicon, allowing them to fill our clients’ pages with bright language and lush imagery.


Typographical errors and careless grammar have the potential to subtract from an otherwise-powerful message. THAT Agency’s copyediting service proofreads and copyedits your website’s content to ensure your presence on the web is clean, clear, and professional.

You don’t have to sacrifice your message to get great results in the SERPs with THAT Agency’s copywriting, editing, and search engine optimization services. With diverse credentials ranging from traditional print to the modern web, our copywriters have the experience you should expect from an industry-leading marketing firm.

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