Braman BMW West Palm Beach

Braman BMW is annually a top three BMW dealer in the South Florida market. With two locations in Palm Beach County – BMW Jupiter and BMW West Palm Beach – the Braman BMW group has nearly 700 combined vehicles in stock at any one time, making them one of the largest inventory holders not just in South Florida, but in the entire state. Paired with this large inventory is a price assurance guarantee and the free perks of Club Braman – an elite organization hosting dozens of premier events each year exclusively for Braman’s customer network throughout Palm Beach County.

The Challenge

South Florida is arguably the most competitive BMW market in the nation. To capture market share throughout the region, it takes a multifaceted marketing approach, including digital, traditional, and event marketing. Additionally, all marketing is required to stay within compliance guidelines to obtain funding from the BMW manufacturer co-op incentives. With all this in mind, the challenges were to improve sales on a monthly and annual basis as well as to expand the footprint of the Braman BMW brand.

The Solution

In partnership with Braman’s internal marketing team, the team at THAT Agency has been managing the digital marketing strategy for Braman BMW West Palm Beach more than 5 years. The digital strategy has evolved, yet the core concepts of targeted search engine optimization (SEO) and social media marketing have been anchors throughout. Using a combination of dealership-unique ideas and South Florida tier-two incentives, the digital marketing has leaned toward promoting leasing specials, pre-owned sales events, test drive events, and Club Braman prizes – with all efforts submitted by THAT Agency for co-op and reimbursement on behalf of Braman.

To increase overall awareness of the West Palm Beach dealership in key geo-locations among in-market luxury auto shoppers, THAT Agency has leveraged a mix of interest-based, behavioral, and CRM data to apply a targeted social media advertising approach that ultimately generated more website traffic – resulting in an increase in website conversions – while effectively controlling costs.

In addition to SEO and social media marketing, THAT Agency has been tasked with managing all third-party digital vendors, including Auto Trader,, Car Gurus, and more. Management has required providing vendor reps with strategies and marketing creative, tracking vendor performance, and reviewing the monthly return on investment. To aid in this, the team at THAT Agency has created and implemented a full template with established evaluation criteria related to web traffic, iLeads, phone calls, and sales. For more information about this process, please contact THAT Agency.

The Results (YOY)


  • Total Traffic Growth – 16.33%
  • Goal Conversion Rate – 18.45%
  • Total Tracked and Recorded Goals – 37.79%

Social Media

  • Impressions Generated – 2,774,207
    • Increase in Social Media Impressions – 45%
  • Website Visits Generated – 28,694
    • Increase in Social Website Visits – 78%
    • Average CPC – $0.67
    • Increase in Website Conversions – 63%

According to Wards 500 magazine, Braman Motorcars is the 3rd most successful dealership of 18,000 locations nationally and we dominate the most competitive market in the world; South Florida for Bentley, BMW, MINI, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Do I have your attention now? Being responsible for the continued success and development of the Advertising and Marketing for the dealerships requires forward strategies that outpace the competition in all media formats. For our strategic online success, we utilize That Agency exclusively to win continuously on a daily, monthly and annual basis. We have been with them for a number of years now and consider their size and competence of their people as an asset to our success. I highly recommend Bill, Michelle and the team at That Agency for solid results and out-of-box thinking to not only beat the competition, but to devastate and dominate it.

- Daniel Bayard, Marketing, Advertising & Business Development Manager, Braman Motorcars