Elder Law

In a market that feels saturated with lawyers, Elder Law had to find a way to establish brand awareness and increase traffic to their website while also improving the quality and volume of their leads from organic sources. Within a year of implementing Inbound Marketing techniques, they were able to see a substantial increase in traffic, qualified leads, and brand awareness overall.

Elder Law, P.A. is a South Florida law firm that specializes in estate planning, probate and trust, guardianship, and advanced directives legal services. Founded in 2015, this law firm has represented its clients well interests in all things involving elder law.


When Elder Law first approached us, they had a website that wasn’t optimized and didn’t showcase what the firm’s services and little to no presence on social media. Given the type of law practiced, Elder Law P.A. needed to reach a very specific demographic. They weren’t getting a lot of leads from their website and traffic was stagnant, averaging just a few visitors a day.

Content Marketing Strategy

If we wanted to turn these challenges into opportunities, we needed to implement a well-thought-out content marketing strategy that would focus on capturing and retaining the attention of visitors. Topic clusters of blogs surrounding each area of practice were created while a multi-channel social media presence helped amplify the content.

This blog content ended up becoming the backbone of their traffic, accounting for over 80% of the total traffic to the website to date. By finding low competition-high traffic keywords to create meaningful and valuable content from, we were able to drive an incredible amount of traffic to the website and vastly improve the volume and quality of leads.

What was once a website that received next to no traffic is now averaging over 150 visitors per day to the website. Elder Law P.A. can now rely on their website to be an asset that is consistently reaching new audiences and generating more targeted leads.

Paid Media Strategy

As a local Elder Law Firm in South Florida, we saw an opportunity in setting up and implementing Google's Local Services Ads, as an immediate lead generation strategy. Google's Local Services Ads platform allows us to capture bottom-of-the-funnel leads, which are looking for the services of an Estate Lawyer, and only pay for those leads that actually call or complete a form. Within a tight geo-targeted area, we have been able to generate over 150 high-quality leads for $75 per lead.

In addition to Google's Local Services Ads, we implemented a geo-targeted "Medicaid-specific" pay-per-click search campaign on Google Ads, to produce immediate bottom-of-the-funnel leads. This campaign ran within the a tight geo-radius of Broward County and has produced a consistent ROI of 3:1, since its inception.


Since implementing a successful inbound marketing campaign, Elder Law P.A. has seen such huge growth that it is hard to quantify. Comparing year-over-year:

  • Total traffic to the website is up 373.33% from organic sources
  • New visitors increased by 376.40%
  • Sessions increased by 371.15%
  • Goal completions for submissions of "contact us" forms from organic sources increased significantly, growing by 126.67%

These form submissions also allowed us to create segmented forms for different types of law. This led to an increased number of leads in general, in addition to further segmentation of leads and more qualified leads.

During the same time, the social media efforts were also very effective at driving new users to the website.

  • Traffic from Facebook to the website increased 745% year over year

Additionally, our paid media strategy provided immediate high-quality leads directly into Elder Law's sales channels.

  • Resulting in a positive ROI of 3:1

Everyone at THAT Agency is very dedicated and good at what they do. On top of that, they are patient in explaining to me the things that I as business owner know very little about when it comes to digital marketing. Thank you!

- Ryan Smollar, Attorney, Elder Law, P.A.