K. Rosengart

K. Rosengart is a leading supplier of melee diamonds and loose stones. Led by Karen Rosengart – a GIA Diamond Graduate with decades of experience in jewelry design, manufacturing, bench work, and stone setting – the company prides itself on providing clients with a level of attention and detail that is truly a cut above the rest.

The Challenge

While K. Rosengart was well regarded in the jewelry industry as melee diamond specialists, the company wanted to showcase its full range of services. Thus, K. Rosengart sought help from THAT Agency to establish a strong online presence.

The Solution

THAT Agency launched a new, search engine optimized website elegantly designed to showcase K. Rosengart’s unique diamond and custom jewelry design services. A targeted digital marketing strategy – including inbound, search engine, email, and social media marketing services – has been in place ever since. By creating and promoting keyword-rich website content and gated offers, THAT Agency continues to contribute to the ongoing growth and success of K. Rosengart.

The Results

Within the first year, we were able to obtain the following results (2018 vs 2017):

Website Traffic
Total Traffic 35.73%
Average Session Duration 23.51%
Tracked and Recorded Calls: 122 ( 510%)
Contact Form Submissions: 34 ( 466.67%)
Price Consultations: 35 ( 337.50%)

Organic Search
Organic Search 307.24%
Over 140 Newly Indexed Pages
Gated Content Offer Downloads – 55

Average Email Open Rate – 49%
Average Email Click Rate – 12%

Social Media
644 Total Followers 332%
60,586 Total Impressions 136%
7,812 Total Engagements 111%

I have been working with THAT Agency for 3 years now and they have been amazing. Although my website has been up and running for much longer it was only when I started working with Bill's team that I started to get some traction. Clients go out of their way to tell me how professional my site looks and how easy it is to navigate. Highly recommend!

- Karen Rosengart, Founder, K. Rosengart