Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate

Keller Williams Commercial Real Estate (KW Commercial) combines exceptional client service with an empowered agent network to deliver superior commercial real estate value for individuals and businesses of all sizes. KW Commercial relies on more than 2,000 licensed agents in 790 offices across the country to deliver topnotch commercial real estate services to investors, property owners, and developers on transactions of all sizes and across all asset classes.

The Challenge

While KW Commercial had global reach and recognition, the South Florida agency wanted to gain more visibility in a highly competitive market. They wanted to emphasize the personalized service they provide, their desire to help every client achieve their specific investment objectives, and their access to a national network of agencies. KW Commercial reached out to THAT Agency to help them develop and implement a digital marketing strategy to reach their business-building goals.

The Solution

THAT Agency started with redesigning the company’s website, making sure the new website design was mobile friendly and provided a good user experience. Once the new website design was launched, THAT Agency created keyword-rich blog content and downloadable offers, as well as began email and paid search campaigns to increase web traffic. In addition, THAT Agency created a social media marketing and advertising strategy to increase community growth and brand awareness for KW Commercial, while also driving traffic to their website.

The Results

Total Traffic Growth 1,336.2%
Tracked and Recorded Calls: 894
Form Submissions: 224 Contact Forms and 22 Offer Downloads

Search Engine Optimization
Newly Optimized Pages Indexed: 50+ Search Engine Visibility Growth: 25% (per Moz)

Paid Search
Average Click-Through Rate: 5.27%
Average Cost Per Click: $3.36
Average Conversion Rate: 3.35%
Form and Phone Leads: 931
Average Cost Per Lead: $68.74

Average Email Open Rate: 26.2%
Average Email Click Rate: 2.1%

Social Media**
Total Social Community Growth 863
Total Engagements Generated 7,617
Increase in Social Website Visits 2,188%
Average Cost Per Click: $0.15

* Real estate industry emails average 19.67% for open rates and 1.80% for click rates.
** Continual growth was achieved with social media accounts that were previously dormant.