LaBovick Law Group

LaBovick Law Group, a South Florida-based law firm, provides clients with exceptional legal services, primarily in the areas of personal injury, workers’ compensation, social security disability, maritime, and admiralty law.

The Challenge

The LaBovick Law Group was faced with an extremely competitive market, especially as a personal injury law firm located in Palm Beach Gardens. Potential clients were actively searching for attorneys online, and those clients wanted answers quickly after sustaining injuries by using online free accident case evaluation tools. Therefore, the firm came to THAT Agency looking to maximize its online presence as well as to grab more market share through digital marketing.

Web Design & Development

To start, THAT Agency redesigned the firm’s website to improve search engine visibility and user experience. A responsive web design was implemented for optimal website viewing and interaction across variety of devices. Chat modules, dynamic phone numbers, and case evaluation and calculator tools were integrated to get potential clients the information they needed fast. Key search engine marketing and search engine optimization techniques, including building a reputable backlink portfolio, were employed to bolster organic and referral website traffic.

Digital Marketing Solution

Next, an inbound marketing strategy was executed to attract potential clients with new and engaging website content to help increase rankings for terms such as West Palm Beach Car Accident Attorney . Videos and blog posts were created and supported by social media marketing efforts. With an eye on conversion metrics and budget efficiency, a social media advertising strategy was deployed, showcasing the firm’s empathetic approach to servicing to each legal segment.

In addition to social, several email marketing tactics were utilized. To help nurture leads drawn to the firm’s website at different stages of the decision-making process, automated email workflows were established to deliver timely and relevant information that moved each potential client one step closer to making an informed choice about legal services.

The Results


  • Organic Search Growth: 38%
  • Increase in Average Session Duration: 43%
  • Increase in Pages per Session: 12%
  • Decrease in Bounce Rate: 40%
  • Case Consultation Form Submissions: 290
  • Case Evaluation Form Submissions: 137
  • Tracked and Recorded Calls: 1,136


  • Social Community Growth: 1,108 (+17%)
  • Engagements Generated: 25,190 (+74%)
  • Social Impressions Generated: 1,451,428 (+46%)
  • Website Visits Generated: 7,787 (+71%)


  • Average Automated Email Open Rate: 69%
  • Average Automated Email Click-Through Rate: 76%

When we decided to reconstruct our Web site we did not want to revise our online brochure, we wanted to change the entire foundation on how our business interacted with the world. I was skeptical a West Palm Beach agency would have the capacity to handle the things I wanted to do with our website. To find the right vendor we researched and found 11 national Website building companies worth investigating. After 2 telephone interviews with each company we narrowed the list four (4) vendors. We then set to the task of in person interviews. We held 4 interviews and removed one entity with each round. The last interview, between 2 agencies, was an impromptu unannounced onsite visit at the vendor’s place of business. That Agency won our hearts at that last visit. We are now at the end of our first year with That Agency and our online business and Web development program is going exceptionally well. I highly recommend them if you are serious investing in a Web presence which will create value for your business. It is an investment worth making.

- Brian LaBovick, Managing Shareholder, LaBovick Law Group