LoveStory Wines

Everyone has a love story to tell. LoveStory Wines’ is with its beloved city of Verona, Italy.

The Challenge

When LoveStory launched into the U.S. market in February 2018, the goal was to align the new brand with the different types of love stories that make life rich. By putting consumers at the heart of its storytelling efforts, LoveStory sought not only to promote high-quality Veronese wine, but also to appeal to the desire for love and positivity that lies deep within us all.


Since storytelling was at the heart of LoveStory’s brand proposition, THAT Agency executed a social media strategy that encompassed user-generated content, varietal information, facts about the storied city of Verona, and product highlights. All elements were supported by social media advertising to target the right consumers with appropriate interests/buying behaviors in locations where the wines were available. LoveStory made its brand even more interactive by launching an immersive website experience, custom label maker, and mobile app. As a new brand in the market, it was important for LoveStory Wines to create an active social community, raise overall awareness about the brand, and most of all, trigger engagements with consumers.


LoveStory was able to penetrate key markets to generate solid sales while building an intimate digital brand that placed consumers as the main characters in their own love stories. The brand was launched in February 2018 and achieved the below results through December 2018: • 5,300 Total Social Followers • 1,167,762 Total Social Impressions • 66,085 Total Social Engagements All social followers, impressions, and engagements won through these efforts were in the target markets in which the wines were available and/or released. These efforts have also helped the sales team in getting LoveStory Wines into more stores, thus leading to strong sales for the new brand.


  • User-Generated Content – Since everyone has a love story, LoveStory Wines urged social users to share their personal stories using the hashtag #TellMeaLoveStory. The brand shared these stories weekly to showcase the positivity that we all can find in life and to celebrate the different types of love. These stories were combined into a digital storybook, so that the users who participated could relive their love stories whenever they chose. Putting the consumer at the heart of LoveStory Wines’ social media strategy was crucial in generating awareness for a new brand in a competitive wine market.
  • Varietal Information – Consumer experience was important; however, educating consumers on the varietals that LoveStory offered was also important. The strategy here was to highlight the bouquet, flavor profiles, and pairing opportunities while simultaneously stimulating label recognition in the markets where the wines were available.
  • Homage to Verona – To reinforce the storytelling aspect of the brand and connect the brand to the rich tradition of Veronese winemaking, LoveStory also published educational content about the city of Verona, Italy and showcased the city’s reputation of romance. This was yet another thread in the brand fabric of LoveStory Wines.
  • Social Media Advertising Support – LoveStory Wines added social media advertising support to its content plan to ensure that the appropriate consumers (those most likely to be receptive to the brand message) were served content. By promoting content to wine drinkers who had interests in different types of love, LoveStory Wines was able to generate awareness and engagement among its target consumer base in the geolocations where the wines were available. A secondary effort was conducted to deliberately raise awareness and increase label recognition in the zip codes where the wines were being released into the market.

  • Website Experience – While a vast majority of consumer interaction for the brand took place on social media channels, LoveStory wanted to provide a robust web experience for users who visited the brand’s website. Along with the traditional information about the wines and where to find them, LoveStory brought an intimate experience with the city of Verona to the consumer through the website’s Verona 360 digital tour. Consumers could feel the love and tradition firsthand as they explored the very streets where Romeo and Juliet walked.
  • Custom Label Maker – Every love story is unique. Appropriately, every bottle of LoveStory Wine could also be made unique thanks to a custom label maker. This great feature again put consumers center stage for the brand and allowed them to create labels that were meaningful and could be placed on any LoveStory varietal.
  • LoveStory Mobile App – The mobile app is designed to allow users to interact with the brand at an even deeper level and experience various love stories through the power of augmented reality.