R2 Unified Technologies

R2 Unified Technologies (R2) is an IT consulting and service provider serving mid-sized enterprises throughout South Florida. By leveraging advanced technology, the expertise of multitalented certified engineers, and a shared passion to do right by the customer, the team at R2 builds true partnerships with its clients – partnerships that result in more effective business solutions.

The Challenge

Despite its 10-year tenure in the Cisco market, R2 was in danger of becoming a best-kept secret due to its significantly limited online presence in the highly competitive IT consulting and services industry. The company wanted to gain regional market share by increasing website traffic, leads, and brand awareness. Thus, R2 hired THAT Agency to refresh its brand, create a new website, and execute a fully developed marketing strategy.

The Solution - Web Design

The first step was to gain an authentic picture of the company’s culture, vision, and mission, as these core values should be accurately reflected by the brand. By interviewing R2’s leadership and staff, and then identifying recurring themes among their answers, THAT Agency helped the organization develop a new positioning statement.

The team at THAT Agency also installed a Facebook Pixel to study R2’s website visitor data; investigated the buying behaviors of IT decision makers using research from Cisco and Forrester; conducted extensive competitor, keyword, social media, and SWOT analyses; surveyed R2’s customers as well as outside CIOs and IT managers to gain firsthand insight into how the brand was perceived; and compared all findings against the brand’s existing messaging and identity.

Using the information gleaned, THAT Agency updated R2’s brand with a fresh new look and authentic messaging designed to resonate with the target audience. Simultaneously, R2 had THAT Agency develop a new brand and messaging for a new “office-in-a-box” product/service bundle concept. Both brands required the creation of new sales collateral, and both were integrated into the design and development of a brand-new, mobile-friendly, conversion-driven website.

The Solution - Marketing Strategy

Once the new website was launched, THAT Agency created keyword-rich blog content and downloadable offers, as well as began paid search campaigns to gain regional market share by increasing web traffic, leads, and brand awareness. In addition, THAT Agency implemented a social media marketing strategy focused on community growth, brand awareness, and web traffic.

Search engine optimization services started with a fully responsive website design and content revamp. Within the redesign, our agency created additional of services pages, blogs with AMP integration, resources and a keyword mapping structure. Within the first 30 days of the website launching, indexed pages grew by nearly 100 noted pages along with 15+ indexed AMP pages. Estimated monthly impressions in Google Search console rose by a projected 20,000 in the full month following the website launch.

The Results

Average Email Open Rate – 23.1%
Average Email Click Rate – 6.75%

Social Media**
Social Community 157%
Impressions 272%
Engagements 1,572%

* Consulting industry emails average 18.96% for open rates and 2.15% for click rates (per MailChimp).
** Significant growth was achieved with social media accounts that were previously dormant or non-existent.