Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Palm Beach

Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Palm Beach, recently named National and Global ‘Dealer of the Year’, has been serving South Florida and beyond for more than 30 years as an authorized Rolls-Royce location, based in West Palm Beach, FL. Their professional, highly-trained staff values their client’s time, and is committed to ensuring they find the most suitable new or pre-owned luxury vehicle for their lifestyle. Their clients can enjoy a world-class experience at our service location, where they will consistently meet parts needs on-time, and our after sales and lifestyle vehicle selection will fulfill their client’s performance auto aspirations in a manner that is uniquely Braman.

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According to Wards 500 magazine, Braman Motorcars is the 3rd most successful dealership of 18,000 locations nationally and we dominate the most competitive market in the world; South Florida for Bentley, BMW, MINI, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Do I have your attention now? Being responsible for the continued success and development of the Advertising and Marketing for the dealerships requires forward strategies that outpace the competition in all media formats. For our strategic online success, we utilize That Agency exclusively to win continuously on a daily, monthly and annual basis. We have been with them for a number of years now and consider their size and competence of their people as an asset to our success. I highly recommend Bill, Michelle and the team at That Agency for solid results and out-of-box thinking to not only beat the competition, but to devastate and dominate it.

- Daniel Bayard, Marketing, Advertising & Business Development Manager, Braman Motorcars