Synergy Homes

Synergy Homes, a custom and model home builder, constructs energy-efficient, high-performance homes, primarily in Port St. Lucie and West Palm Beach, Florida.

The Challenge

While Synergy Homes gained market share as a South Florida home builder by providing exceptional customer service and unique incentives like paying for new home owners’ energy bills, the company needed to spread the message using more than word of mouth. Thus, Synergy Homes approached THAT Agency for help building a digital marketing strategy to gain online visibility. With not having ran campaigns previously, THAT Agency was tasked with crafting meaningful key performance indicators (KPIs) and analytics processes to help shed light digitally on a convoluted attribution flow.

The Solution

THAT Agency started by running a citation campaign to boost local search engine optimization (SEO) of Synergy Homes’ relatively new website. In addition, keyword-rich website content, gated offers, backlinking, paid search, and direct mail were introduced, providing extra web traffic, phone calls, and valuable metrics on consumer search behavior.

Targeting specific geo-locations and keywords led to new leads and site optimizations to match consumer intent. These metrics have also been utilized to ensure delivery of the right message at the right time in ongoing social media and email marketing campaigns.

The Results

THAT Agency has helped Synergy Homes become a well-known home builder in St. Lucie and Palm Beach County.

Website Traffic
Total Traffic 120.42%
Tracked and Recorded Calls: 919
Contact Form Submissions: 177
Offer Downloads: 42
Newsletter Signups: 103

Organic Search
Organic Search 74.97%
80+ Newly Indexed Pages
Seach Engine Visibility 30.88%

Paid Search
CTR of 7.96%
CPC of $3.59
Avg. Conversion Rate 2.28%

Average Email Open Rate – 30.6%
Average Email Click Rate – 36.1%

Social Media
1,538 Total Followers 48%
16,660 Total Engagements 73%
8,245 Total Website Visits 68%
Avg. CPC $0.46


After a year-long partnership of website management and digital marketing services, THAT Agency proposed the redesign of the Synergy Homes website to better express the visual appeal of their South Florida homes and to showcase content in an easily accessible website design. This redesign project was also executed to increase onsite website engagement statistics and to improve the overall website user experience.