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Website Pricing Calculator Glossary

For those unfamiliar with the terminology used in this website cost calculator, following is a key:

Custom – Templates are great, but the best website for you is likely one that is custom designed (i.e., specifically designed and developed to meet the unique needs and goals of your business).

Responsive – This ensures your website resizes itself for optimal viewing on any device: PC, laptop, tablet, and mobile phone.

Online Store – It’s online shopping as we know it. If you plan on selling goods and/or services online, an ecommerce website with an online store is for you.

On-Page SEO – Optimizing the pages of your website to rank higher in search engine results pages is important to ensure you website gets discovered.

Social Media Integration – Aspects like social media sharing buttons and embedded social media feeds can increase your online presence and encourage interaction with your brand.

Live Chat – This interactive tool allows you to deliver an additional level of service. For example, if a customer needs help during the checkout process, a live chat can provide immediate assistance.

Google Analytics – Use of this free tool requires several lines of code to be inserted into your website.

Banner Slideshow – Rather than displaying a static, featured image on the home page of your website, a banner slideshow swaps out the featured images at set intervals.

Related Costs to Consider

Web Hosting – Simply put – you need a place for your website to live. There are a multitude of web hosting companies out there with prices ranging from very cheap to hundreds of dollars per month. Click here for tips on choosing among web hosting companies.

Domain Name and Registration – To purchase a domain name, you can use a company like GoDaddy. (Tip: It can be more convenient for you in the long run if you purchase your domain name from the same company you choose for web hosting.) However, a domain isn’t just a one-time purchase. You’ll be charged a domain registration fee annually to retain your exclusive right to the use of the domain name.

SSL Certificate – An SSL certificate is required for ecommerce websites to ensure data are encrypted and transactions are secure. An SSL certificate is highly recommended for all websites for this same reason as well as for SEO purposes.

Security and Backups – Companies like Vaultpress will back up your website daily and monitor your site for vulnerabilities.

Event Management System – Pricing depends on the level of complexity required to feature the events on your website.

Copywriting – The voice conveyed by your website content is the first that a potential customer will associate with your brand. Ensure that voice is compelling, SEO-optimized, and free of typos and grammatical errors by enlisting professional copywriting services.

Web Design Pricing Disclaimer

The price range shown by this website cost calculator is not guaranteed and should be treated as a rough, ballpark estimate. To obtain a fully comprehensive quote, please submit a request for proposal.