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PPC Management

As a segment of Search Engine Marketing, Pay Per Click marketing and advertising simply put is a variety of ads that incur a fee each time a user clicks on an ad. The cost of a click can vary dependent on the strategy and settings of your campaign, but the long list of benefits starts with an advertisers’ ability to directly inject consumers into various segments of their sales funnel which can be more beneficial than any other marketing.

By bidding on placements, search engines like Google & Bing allow advertisers to jump to the top of the rankings for multiple relevant search terms which then gives advertisers the ability to mold the scattered buyers journey. This also gives Pay Per Click (PPC) strategies an advantage in the short term over Organic Search Engine Optimization despite working hand in hand.

Other Notable benefits of Pay Per Click Advertising

  • Improve Visibility Across Search Engines
  • Receive A Direct ROI from Efforts
  • Fill & Segment Retargeting Lists
  • Using Data to Inform Other Marketing Channels
  • Target Competitors


Pay Per Click Management

Starting Your PPC Account

THAT Agency values transparency, education and collaboration. Before account set up occurs, clients will be suggested to evaluate what their expectations of what pay per click marketing should provide. With this information THAT Agency will review clients objectives as a whole and may come to additional solutions such as Social Media Management. Once strategies are suggested, account set up will begin.

PPC Account Set Up

Account set up will consist of keyword research, ad development, ad extensions, landing page optimization and tracking installation alongside of client’s approval throughout the process. Once created, campaigns are also reviewed by Google AdWords and Bing Ads representatives. These key steps allow campaigns to hone on targeted audiences and provide a clear picture of Return on Investment (ROI).

Monitor Performance

Once campaigns are set live the data will tell the story as to what is driving the sales needle into the ideal ROI category. THAT Agency dives deeper than the click and impression and uses analytical and dynamic integrations with certified vendors to ensure the highest quality data is being provided for optimization purposes.

Report & Optimize

Monthly, THAT Agency meets with clients to report on Pay Per Click key performance indicators as well as to cross reference with sales data in an effort to tie in lead conversion rates and gain a better understanding of the optimal cost per lead. Using this data, campaigns are reevaluated and updated in any way that may provide a better performance.





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