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Organic search engine marketing is commonly called search engine optimization (SEO). The goal of any SEO company is to achieve for clients better search rankings with Google and other major search engines. THAT Agency’s SEO services provide a dynamic approach to taking command of your search engine rankings, as the relationship between search engine rankings and the amount of traffic your website receives is irrefutable.

Bear in mind, the first step in optimizing any website for search engine visibility is to write relevant, high-quality content addressing the wants, needs, and interests of a target audience. The second step is to expand the reach and readership of that content using the latest SEO best practices.

Internet behavior studies have shown that the vast majority of clicks are on the first two pages of search engine results. With this in mind, THAT Agency is an SEO company that tailors its search engine optimization solutions to meet the needs of each individual website. Every website is unique and, as a result, requires a fresh and creative approach to its search engine optimization strategy. Contact THAT Agency today to find out how we can systematically raise your website’s search engine rankings.

Why Our Clients Love Our SEO Services

Based out of West Palm Beach, FL, THAT Agency’s team of organic search enhancement experts employs a hands-on approach to delivering SEO services. As an SEO company, we work closely with our clients to ensure we meet their specific business goals. How? Optimized websites are far more visible to search engines, and that can mean higher rankings when consumers search for terms appearing on our clients’ websites. Higher rankings can translate into more website traffic, which can lead to more calls and more online form submissions, and result in increased sales and revenue for our clients’ businesses.

In fact, many profitable businesses trust THAT Agency’s search engine optimization solutions. Our SEO services include the assessment and remedy of a website’s limitations. This strategy undoubtedly varies among clients, but the foundation upon which we develop that strategy is one that is well-tested and proven effective. Check out our portfolio of work for more details.

Search Engine Optimization On and Off Site

Did you know that SEO services can include steps taken both on and off your website? On-site SEO includes tactics like using keyword-optimized page titles, meta descriptions, headline tags, and image alt texts; formatting URLs and image file sizes appropriately; incorporating structured data and internal links; and auditing old content and blog posts. Off-site SEO involves review campaigns and link building (also called backlinking) from other sites toward yours, as that helps search engines see that you’re a credible, valuable resource.

Effective on- and off-page SEO can give your website more opportunities to rank in the search engine results pages and direct targeted organic search traffic your way. Here’s a deeper look at some of the more important on- and off-site search engine optimization solutions we recommend to get started with an SEO strategy for your website today:

Content Auditing by an SEO Company

Whether your website is big or small, you invest time, money, and effort into its content. Month after month, your content mounts with the goal of improving your search engine rankings. However, many clients do not regularly follow up to analyze how these content pieces impact their sites as a whole. The thought of reviewing all that content can be tedious, but auditing could pay big dividends in your site’s performance. This is why the addition of a content auditing plan is an vital part of THAT Agency’s recommended strategy for ongoing SEO services.

Optimization for Evolving Search Engine Anatomy

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In competition with social networks, apps, and new technologies, search engines are eagerly trying to evolve the anatomy of their results pages and their capabilities to get answers to searchers quickly and accurately, regardless of whether users are searching using their voices or keyboards.

However, Google’s frequent algorithm updates leave many scratching their heads about the latest white-hat tactics for SEO. One not only wonders what factors matter for SEO and what don’t, but also if Google has changed (or intends to change) its focus again.

That said, one of the key items an SEO company like THAT Agency currently considers when planning a client’s SEO strategy is optimizing for featured snippets. These new search engine placements have flipped the SEO world on its head by taking up a large amount of real estate on page one of the search engine results.

Another critical item THAT Agency recommends for search engine optimization solutions is the implementation of structured data. Utilizing Schema.org, THAT Agency’s SEO team can find ways to mark your pages up with additional information that all search engines read. Marking up your pages with structured data can help search engines show your content in different ways, like stars for reviews, recipes, events, and more. This can drastically improve rankings and increase search engine engagement.

Review Campaigns

Search engines have been on a mission to serve up the most relevant content based on what a user types or speaks into the search bar. To provide the best results for searches that include “near me” or “best” in them, search engines turn to reviews to help them determine the proper order to show results. Here are some other ways review campaigns can help your SEO:

  • By creating fresh, user-generated content that is viewed by search engines to be more influential than the branded content your business publishes
  • By boosting long-tail keyword traffic, as people typically write reviews as they speak, using detailed phrases that align with search intent
  • By increasing social conversation, since the better the review, the more likely someone will share the experience on social media

Thus, as part of its SEO company services, THAT Agency recommends leveraging reviews to establish a strong organic presence in local searches, as well as to create a strong reputation across online channels.

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