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Anytime you live and work in a place that has “Beach” in its name, you know you’ve got it pretty good. And if that place happens to also be in beautiful South Florida, well that’s just an added bonus. And if that place is Delray Beach, one of the most lively cities in the state, then you just have to count your blessings. Or pat yourself on the back for making the decision to move here. If your business is based in or operates in Delray, and you currently aren’t getting the online traffic you think you’re capable of, then you need THAT Agency,  a Florida SEO Company. For a marketing agency the town is a flourishing and promising business environment.

Search Engine Optimization used to be something that was able to be adequately covered by someone in-house at every company. That just isn’t the case anymore. The ever-expanding universe that is the internet is too vast, and changing faster than most people realize. So, it’s likely that your company needs consistent expert advice from a team of Delray Beach SEO specialists. If you’re searching for the best SEO Agency–then look no further.

You know what, scratch that–go look further–we welcome the competition. We’re confident in the services that we offer, and after an in-depth comparison, you’ll see that what we have to offer is unparalleled in the area.

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Best Marketing Agency in Palm Beach County

If you own a business, that deserves to be applauded in and of itself. You’ve found a market, built something that delivers value to people, and created jobs in the process. You’re a contributor, and we recognize that as an accomplishment. Not trying to flatter you or anything, just giving you due credit. Many people, especially in the US, have the goal of business ownership, but most never give it a real try. By starting or owning a business, you have already shown a rare quality.

In the beginning, THAT Agency was born because we knew that there were so many companies out there–in the Delray area and beyond–that could benefit from our expertise. From a business owner’s perspective, we can empathize. Just like you, we want the best for our business; to do everything in our power to succeed. The good news for you, as you read this, is that we succeed when we are able to demonstrate results with our clients. When we are able to increase traffic, sales, aesthetics, and user experience–that’s when we have done our jobs well.

What is your current Delray Beach SEO strategy? If you didn’t immediately know the answer to that, then stop reading here and let’s have a conversation. A free consultation. We’ll take a look at your business’ website and run some analytics on your KPI’s and metrics.

If you immediately did have an answer to that question, then here’s a follow-up: is it working? Is it working as well as you thought? Is it maximizing your potential? Food for thought. Continue reading.

You may be trying to start, or improve upon, your SEO strategy, and if that’s the case, then you’re likely faced with a decision: hire someone (or multiple people) to run your digital marketing in-house, or hire an agency (like ours). When it comes to hiring an SEO Agency, there are a few key advantages, the primary one being: the odds are that retaining our agency will be less expensive than hiring someone, or a team of people. We could get into the cost-benefit analysis, but you can do the math on your own when it’s time for final decision making.

Regardless of the economics of it, if you’re in the market for a Marketing Agency is a good place to be. However, we understand that we aren’t the only SEO Agency  has to offer. Again, we welcome the competition. Having other agencies to be compared to just helps us stand out. THAT Agency has been down here in South Florida for almost 20 years, and in that time, we have learned, grown, and finely tuned our service offerings to be able to adapt them to all types of businesses across many industries. Some industries we have worked in include: construction and development, law, tourism, retail and e-commerce, luxury car dealerships, jewelry, healthcare, and many in-between all of those.

Why Choose Us?

THAT Agency is a “Full-Suite” digital marketing agency, meaning: while SEO is one of our main services, we incorporate all aspects of digital marketing. All of our tactics are in pursuit of a common goal: to drive traffic to your website, to boost your domain and page authority, and to increase your revenue. When it comes to certifications and accolades: we are a Premier Google Partner, an INC 5000 company, and BBB accredited business. Most of our new clients come to us through referrals from clients that enjoy working with us and enjoy the results we provide them with. If you want to read what our clients say about us, then we encourage you to do so here.

Local Marketing Services – We Will Get You Results

The online universe can be mysterious, even mystical. Algorithms have evolved so much in the last few decades, that if you’re not a computer science aficionado, then it can seem overwhelming. Finding a way to stand out in today’s internet landscape can feel like solving a twelve-by-twelve Rubix cube that is changing colors while you are trying to solve it. The algorithms may seem like real magic, but just like magic, once you know how the trick is done, it no longer seems magical. There is some rhyme and reason to it all, you just need to know how it’s done. We know how it’s done.

Talking about business in Delray specifically: we know that around 46% of all Google searches include local intent. Using HubSpot’s most recent estimate of Google Search Volume (5.6 billion searches/day), we know that there are about 2.58 billion searches per day with local intent. Now, the most recent approximation of US Google users is 246 million, which is about 1/4 of the total number of Google Users. We could go further down the mathematical rabbit hole, but the point is, we have the tools to see how many searches are being done in your area, and what keywords these searches include. So, if you want to target someone searching the Delray area for exactly what you have to offer, we can help those people find your site before they stumble onto your competitor’s.

Your potential clients or customers are out there currently searching for what you have to offer them. But if you’re not appearing on the first page of Google results for what they are typing into the search bar, then so many of them aren’t going to find you. Your competitors may be less skilled, have worse reviews, be in a worse location, etc., but if their site is appearing higher than yours on the results page, then nine out of ten times that potential customer of yours is going to go with the competition.

Looking for SEO Services in Boca Raton?

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We Love Delray Beach

What’s not to love? South Florida has been great to us for nearly twenty years. We love the local businesses here in Delray. We love grabbing lunch or dinner on Atlantic Ave (although we don’t love the high-season crowds) and we love being able to jaunt up or down the coast to other great cities and beaches. Most of all, being here for as long as we have, we love seeing our local businesses succeed. In our time, we have witnessed so much potential turn into success, both within our own business and in those around the area. Florida’s friendly free-market economy continues to attract the best, and foster an appealing environment in which to run your business to the best of your abilities.

Whether you’re right off 95 or miles inland, we would love to help your business reach its potential. We consider ourselves part of your team when we’re working with you. Every business has its own short, medium, and long-term goals. But not all businesses know the easiest, fastest, or best way to achieve them when it comes to their website.

If you’ve read this far, then that probably means that you believe your business could use some help creating or implementing your SEO strategy. Fantastic, let’s have a conversation. If we think that we’re a good fit, then we’d be happy to put together an analysis of your current website strategies/efforts and organize a proposal on how we would go about helping.


What else do you do aside from SEO?

We create content (blogs, photos, videos, websites), manage social media accounts, design websites, and more. Visit our services page.

Do You Do All SEO Work In-house or Do You Outsource?

We do all of our SEO work in-house. We have an SEO Manager, a Content Analyst, and an Account Manager all working specifically on your SEO.

How Does Your Pricing Model Work?

Based on a mutually determined number of hours per month. For most of our clients, the first three months or so will be a heavier lift.

What Tools Do You Use?

Ahrefs is our main SEO tool. Mainly, we use it to do Keyword Research and analysis as well as Domain and Page authority checks. We use Google Search Console, Raven, Yoast, and many more.

What is Your Process?

The first call is a discovery call to get a feel for what you are looking for and to honestly determine if we feel like we are the right agency to help you accomplish your goals. The second step is for us to research your website, check out where you stand in terms of rankings and traffic, and try to find areas of opportunity. We will recommend the best starting points, and how we would proceed. From there, our account manager will work with you each month to make sure you are up-to-speed in our progress and activities, and how we improved from the previous month.

What KPIs Do You Use to Track Results?

Increasing online lead submissions and/or sales is the most important KPI. Then: organic traffic, SERP rankings, impressions, and change in keyword rankings.

THAT Client SEO Reviews

We love the team at THAT Agency! Not only have they have worked wonders on our SEO, they really help guide us to deliver the right content to the market we want and need.

Larry Taylor - Still Dragon

Frankly speaking, THAT Agency is the reason our business is in the incredible position we find ourselves in. They do a superb job with SEO, creating more traffic than I ever thought we'd attract. They basically create our blogs, taking the information I have given them in the past and not just parroting it, but learning about our industry and building from there. THAT Agency has pretty much become an extension of our company, what a true marketing department strives to be.

Jeremy Lewin - East Coast Flooring

THAT Agency created two websites for our firm. The first was totally custom, the second is a more basic e-commerce site. THAT Agency also provides SEO and other internet marketing services for these sites and our firm. They have been fantastic to work with, very professional, timely, and fairly priced. Most importantly, our websites are performing and contributing sales for our firm. I highly recommend THAT Agency!

Ed Wright - Sun Mountain Doors

About THAT Agency

We didn’t invent SEO, but we have been doing it, and doing it well, since hardly anybody knew what it was. So, if you’re looking for the Ft. Lauderdale SEO agency with the most experience, then here we are.

THAT Agency has been the go-to Fort Lauderdale SEO agency for close to two decades now. We started out offering local SEO services and PPC (pay-per-click) marketing, but in order to become the premier agency, we have had to push the envelope. We are at the forefront of video optimization, local citation creation and maintenance, social media-driven web traffic, web design, and purposefully directed content.

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So, if you own or manage a Ft. Lauderdale business, and you’re looking for a well-respected SEO agency with over 15 years of experience, then please feel free to drop us a line. We’d love to have that initial conversation to see if we could be a good fit to help you accomplish your goals. Schedule a call this week.

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SEO Case Studies

Don’t just take our word for it! Check out some of our awesome work, and see for yourself. Our SEO case studies span multiple industries and utilize numerous tactics. No single SEO strategy is the same, and we custom-tailer our SEO marketing plans for each of our clients.

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Best Practices for Digital Marketing in 2022: FREE Guide

The online world is a constantly moving ocean of information. We’ve put together this Digital Marketing Guide to use as a baseline modus operandi in the upcoming year. Even though it is a relatively in-depth look at the future of Digital Marketing, it still really only scratches the surface. We are continuously adapting and preparing for updates and innovations.