Founded by a marine industry veteran of 25 years, AccuDock is the leading Floating Dock manufacturing company in the world. Appropriately located in South Florida, AccuDock proudly customizes waterfront dock solutions made with materials manufactured in the US. Expertly made AccuDock Floating Docks allow customers to work with the team to develop the dock that suits their needs. From waterfront residential homes to large-scale marinas – AccuDock happily serves the sunny day, water-loving community worldwide.

The Challenge

AccuDock reached out to THAT Agency with Digital Marketing requests regarding how to reach their goals for search engine rankings and optimize paid media efficacy to return more viable leads. Given the location and high-quality service offered, AccuDock wanted to guarantee their spot in the minds of prospective floating dock purchasers by improving their search ranking and paid media efforts.

The Solution

With their search engine goals in mind, the THAT Agency team kicked off by implementing optimization best practices for both technical issues and user interface fixes. A strategic plan was rolled out to increase overall search visibility and traffic via search engine optimization paired with consistent content creation. AccuDock also saw improvements in their paid campaigns, as they were also improved and optimized. Finally, THAT was tasked with a redesign of the website to bring all efforts forward and develop an ongoing strategy to keep their digital marketing efforts moving smoothly.

The Results

Total Traffic - 128.60%
Tracked and Recorded Calls - 177.67%
Tracked Request an Estimate - 221.05
Tracked Ecomm Transactions - 87.50%
Tracked Ecomm Revenue - 141.01%

Organic Search
Organic Search Traffic - 246.73%
Google Search Traffic - 303.04%
Keywords Ranking (top 50) - 1046.6%
Organic Search Conversion - 156.46%

Paid Search
Average Click Through Rate - 6.44%
Average Cost Per Click - $1.60
Average Conversion Rate - 4.22%
Form and Phone Leads - 1440
Average Cost Per Lead - $37.94

THAT Agency has helped us build a more user friendly website that has increased our customer base. They are always patient, understanding, friendly, and available to answer our questions and accommodate our needs as necessary. Our experience has been nothing but top notch. We highly recommend THAT Agency.

- AccuDock Marketing Team