Rainstorm Wines

Character, relevance, attitude, style, elegance, shelf appeal, and that funky Portland vibe… Few wine categories are hotter than Oregon pinot, and Rainstorm Wines is home to a pinot trifecta: pinot noir, pinot rosé, and pinot gris.

The vineyards of Rainstorm Wines are located in the Willamette and Umpqua Valleys, regions renowned for producing spectacular pinot wines. In fact, due to the lush Oregon climate, Rainstorm Wines’ vineyards are dry farmed using no irrigation. In other words, let the rain and the wine pour!

The Challenge

Rainstorm Wines wanted to grow brand awareness and engagement on social media by building a like-minded community of people who appreciate the fun and funky Portland, Oregon lifestyle and share a passion for pinot noir, pinot rosé, and pinot gris wine varietals.

The Solution

The digital marketing team at THAT Agency implemented a social media marketing strategy that focused on promoting the fun, funky, and adventurous aspects of Oregonian culture in an attempt to bring Rainstorm Wines top of mind when thinking about Portland-style living and the wines from that region.

THAT Agency has not only established the brand across many of the major social networks – including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Pinterest – but also been managing Rainstorm Wines’ social presence on an ongoing basis, providing content creation, community management, influencer outreach, contest and polling, analytics, and reporting services.

With a dynamic social media marketing strategy supported by thoughtful social advertising, THAT Agency has continually hit the mark for Rainstorm Wines for all relevant key performance indicators (KPIs).

The Results (YOY)

  • Social Community Growth – 1,947
    • Increase in Social Media Community – 15%
  • Engagements Generated – 21,582
    • Increase in Social Engagements – 34%
  • Website Visits Generated – 213
    • Increase in Social Website Visits – 53%
  • Influencer Engagements – 8,991
    • Increase in Influencer Engagements – 570%