Sweetwood Smokehouse

After cofounding the internationally successful sportswear and equipment brand, Under Armour, Ryan Wood decided it was time to return to his roots in the rugged Rocky Mountains of Colorado. There, Ryan found a new passion that came from those roots. Sweetwood Smokehouse got its start as a ranch that offered and delivered homegrown jerky snacks to local restaurants. Today, Sweetwood Smokehouse products can be found across the country in grocery, convenience, and retail stores.

The Challenge

Ryan understood the competitive landscape of the industry and the nature of the digital white-noise users face daily when looking for their “perfect product.” With those challenges in mind, Smokehouse reached out to THAT Agency for Digital Marketing efforts across the board. This would require data to bring the brand to the forefront of users' search results and prospective buyers' minds across channels, thus leading to their ultimate goal – increase sales.

The Solution

THAT Agency addressed the big goal by focusing on the pieces that make up the whole of a strategy. This included a strong digital marketing strategy and a dedicated account manager. In order to approach the challenge from all angles, overall technical and on-site best practices were optimized, errors addressed, and redirects implemented. The approach included developing brand authority via targeted content and social strategies which included various types of content.

Paid ads on Google & Amazon were utilized to drive transactions and sign-ups. Industry expertise paired with the passionate know-how of the team at Sweetwood led to an exponential increase in sales and an overall improvement across their digital marketing footprint.

The Results

Total Traffic - 154.32%
Tracked Newsletter Sign Up - 1,063 (estimated value of $27.27/sign up)
Tracked Newsletter Sign Up Value - $28,988.01
Tracked Ecomm Transactions - 182.43%
Tracked Ecomm Revenue - 195.84%

Organic Search
Organic Search Traffic - 108.38%
Google Search Traffic - 104.59%
Keywords Ranking (top 50) - 329.48%
Organic Search Conversion - 182.12%

Social Organic 2019 vs 2020
Community Growth - 8683 / 8834 (+151)
Engagements Generated - 926 / 1907 (+981)
Increase in Social Website Visits - 429 / 538 (+109)

Paid Results

Paid Search (2020 Data)
Average Google Shopping Click-Through Rate - 0.40%
Average Google Shopping Cost Per Click- $0.81
Average Google Shopping Conversion Rate - 1.33%
Average Newsletter Remarketing Cost Per Sign Up - $9.59
Average Google Shopping Cost Per Sale - $42.68

Amazon Storefront
Built & Managed Storefront - http://bit.ly/sweetwood-smokehouse
Amazon Sponsored Brand Average CPC - $2.88
Amazon ACOS (Advertising Cost Of Sale) - 81.68%

Social Paid
Purchase Conversion Value - 98.33%
Purchases - 98.27%
Impressions - 97.74%
Email Signups - 187
Average Cost Per Click - $0.77