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Amazon is a powerhouse: 44% of consumers start their online shopping sessions here, and 40% of Americans buy products on the site at least once a month. It is the hub for online shopping. Amazon advertising can help you increase your brand’s visibility – and maximize your revenue. THAT Agency’s Amazon Marketing Services are designed to help you leverage the incredible potential of this platform.

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An Accredited Amazon Agency

Our staff is accredited in Amazon Advertising for Sponsored Ads. Like Google Paid Search, Amazon Sponsored Ads operate on a cost-per-click and keyword-bidding platform to drive high-intent customers to your products.

Sponsored Products promote your individual listings in search results and product detail pages within the Amazon website. We can help you select the right products to advertise and choose targeted keywords in alignment with your brand goals and budget. With Sponsored Ads, you will increase visibility – and sales.

Amazon Sponsored Brands are another invaluable tool. These are keyword-targeted ads that feature a custom headline, your logo, and your selected products prominently in search results. Sponsored Brands can achieve exceptional visibility, stoking consumer interest in their product collections.


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Your Amazon Agency – and Partner

THAT Agency has extensive experience in digital marketing; offering Amazon marketing services is a natural progression, and an area in which we can leverage our expertise and insight to ensure you meet your mission-critical, revenue-building goals.

If you want to expand your business – and its opportunities to connect with the right customers at the right times – with Amazon Advertising, contact THAT Agency today. We can help you build an advertising strategy to effectively reach your target audience on Amazon – one of the biggest online retailers in the world.

Amazon Advertising | Amazon Marketing Services | THAT Agency of West Palm Beach, Florida