THAT Agency’s web analytics consulting services are fueled by smart insights gleaned from years of advanced analytics consulting experience and real-time website statistics using the most powerful website advanced analytics technologies available. Monitoring web traffic is not only a way to calculate the number of visitors who experience your product or service online, but also an invaluable means of quickly recognizing trends, analyzing visitor habits, and making adjustments as appropriate.

Data is like air for marketers: we are constantly taking it in. Data fuels our every brand communication and every promotional placement. Data helps us gain better clarity about what resonates with a target audience. It also helps us uncover the best channels for promotion. More importantly, data helps demonstrate the performance of a website.

As a leading provider of web analytics consulting services in South Florida, THAT Agency compiles the best data from multiple sources into customized daily, weekly, or monthly reports to provide the most accurate and actionable information possible. As part of our web analytics consulting services, we can also meet with you and your team to review the metrics in person, online, or via telephone – whatever is most convenient for you!

West Palm Beach Web Analytics Services | Analytics Consulting | THAT AgencyFrom geographic locations to click paths, data is used to capitalize on your marketing successes and to adjust tactics if needed. Here are some examples of data we monitor as part of our web analytics consulting services:

  • How visitors are finding your website (important keywords and searched phrases)
  • Conversion statistics for lead generation and on-site sales
  • Total number of people who visit your website
  • How people interact with your website
  • Mobile and tablet visitors
  • Return visitors
  • And more!

Our web analytics services are led by experienced in-house analytics consultants who carefully monitor each client’s site, allowing for the identification of rising trends. Our experts also offer suggestions to increase website traffic and promote new traffic streams through SEO services, search engine marketing, and, of course, social media marketing.

Thus, THAT Agency’s web analytics services leverage high-caliber technologies and high-caliber people to ensure high-caliber website performance. Contact us today to learn more about analytics consulting!