Porsche West Palm Beach

Porsche West Palm Beach, a top five Porsche dealer in the United States, is an Exclusive Manufaktur Partner of Porsche, allowing the dealership to hold more than 300 pre-owned and new Porsches at any time. This impressive inventory is housed within a recently redesigned, state-of-the-art facility and backed by exceptional Porsche global-certified brand ambassadors and a highly rated service department.

The Challenge

South Florida is a hot bed for sales of luxury and high-end sports cars in multiple makes and models. From BMW to Jaguar and Land Rover, Porsche’s tall task was to remain the majority shareholder in the state. Porsche West Palm Beach needed an extensive digital marketing strategy to stay top of mind with consumers while remaining in compliance with Porsche OEM regulations. To achieve this, Porsche West Palm Beach enlisted THAT Agency to maximize its digital presence while grabbing more market share through online and social media marketing.

The Solution

During THAT Agency’s long tenure of overseeing Porsche West Palm Beach’s digital marketing strategy, tactical efforts have shifted and evolved. However, by staying focused on being where targeted audiences are finding Porsche information within various points in the sales funnel and by presenting those audiences with Porsche leasing specials, exclusive inventory, and unique purchasing benefits – content staples solidified by multiple A/B and messaging tests – the dealership has taken its Porsche sales to the next level, thanks to paid search marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, local citation review and management, and the launch of a new Porsche website.

Completed over a 60-day window, the new website project included the vetting and selecting of an approved Porsche-compliant website vendor with an industry-leading website SEO and design portfolio. Once a vendor was chosen, THAT Agency was the point team for the website development, asset generation, and quality control. Since the launch, paid search, organic search, social media, and contextual targeting have been the root tactics used to generate website traffic, iLeads, and phone calls.

By targeting in-market luxury auto shoppers within the local geo-location with a mix of dealership-unique content and content from Porsche USA, THAT Agency was able to cost-effectively drive increases across the board in Porsche West Palm Beach’s social media metrics. Leveraging the engagement power of Instagram, the social media marketing team at THAT Agency decided to take an aggressive approach to content creation and publishing on the platform while supplementing the strategy with organic content publishing on Facebook and Twitter.

The Results (YOY)


  • Organic Search Growth – 5%
  • Total Traffic Growth – 24.43%
  • Increase in Average Session Duration – 11.73%
  • Tracked and Recorded Calls – 87.82%

Paid Search

  • CTR of 6.66%, an Increase of – 34.26%
  • CPC of $2.90, a Decrease of – 16.36%
  • Average Non-Brand CPL of $49.86, a Decrease of – $9.35

Social Media

  • Social Community Growth – 4,534
    • Increase in Social Media Community – 37%
  • Engagements Generated – 34,052
    • Increase in Social Engagements – 75%
  • Website Visits Generated – 6,830
    • Increase in Social Website Visits – 8%
    • Average CPC – $0.64

According to Wards 500 magazine, Braman Motorcars is the 3rd most successful dealership of 18,000 locations nationally and we dominate the most competitive market in the world; South Florida for Bentley, BMW, MINI, Porsche and Rolls-Royce. Do I have your attention now? Being responsible for the continued success and development of the Advertising and Marketing for the dealerships requires forward strategies that outpace the competition in all media formats. For our strategic online success, we utilize That Agency exclusively to win continuously on a daily, monthly and annual basis. We have been with them for a number of years now and consider their size and competence of their people as an asset to our success. I highly recommend Bill, Michelle and the team at That Agency for solid results and out-of-box thinking to not only beat the competition, but to devastate and dominate it.

- Daniel Bayard, Marketing, Advertising & Business Development Manager, Braman Motorcars